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Barcol Hardness Tester

The Barcol Impressor is mainly applied in quick hardness testing of aluminum, aluminum alloy and glass fiber reinforced plastics. It has easy operation and wide test range. With single hand operation, the test can be finished as long as touching only one side of specimen. The Barcol hardness value can be converted to HW, HB,HR and HV according to the appendix hardness conversion table.

There are three models in the range:

Equivalent Hardness Range
Application Materials
Model Test Piece
aluminum,aluminum alloy,reinforced plastics (FRP,SMC,BMC,somersetting laminate,etc.) and hard plastics.
Aluminum plates,thick wall aluminum,aluminumwheels,aluminum alloy castings,etc.Aluminum doors and windows after assembly,curtain wall,ladder,FRP sanitary ware products,hull,storage tank,artificial marbie slab,etc.
934-1 with flat feet
Aluminum,aluminum alloy and fiberglass.
Aluminum rods,ladeers,and other narrow face or cylinder products.
68-90 HSD
Soft plastic,hard rubber and soft metal.
Acrylic board and SAN resin.
52-90 HSD
super soft material.
Lead,leather,plastic flooring and rubber.

The typical Barcol hardness values of common aluminum alloy materials

Aluminum Alloy
1100-0 3003-0 3003-H14 2024-0 5052-0 5062-H14 6061-T6 2024-T3
Barcol Hardness Value 35 42 56 60 62 75 80 85