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ED400 Coating Thickness Gauge

ED400 Coating Thickness Gauge
ED400 Coating Thickness Gauge is the improved model of the ED300 Gauge. The performance is prominently improved. The gauge is used to measure the thickness of the insulating coating on nonmagnetic metals. It is mainly used to measure the anodic oxide coating on aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum composite panel, and other aluminum workpieces. It can be used to measure the thickness of the insulating coating thickness on other non-ferrous metals, also can be used on paper and plastic foil.

It is suitable for quick non-destructive coating thickness measurement for production, sales and engineering. It is used for production inspection, acceptance inspection and quality inspection.

TX brand coating thickness gauge was developed and produced from 1993. It never stop improvement and enhancement along with the growth of Chinese aluminum fabrication industry. At present, there has been ED200,ED300 and ED400. ED400 is the newest generation. Its quality and test precision are equivalent to foreign instruments. The durability is its outstanding feature, which is superior to other congeneric instruments. TX coating thickness gauge wins worldwide acclaim and approval depending on its good quality and prompt service with low cost. The market occupancy of TX coating thickness gauge is over 90% in aluminum profile industry, and it is famous-brand product in aluminum profile industry now.

Features of ED400 Coating Thickness Gauge

Wide Range
1 Wide Range Measuring range from 0 to 500μm.
High Accuracy
2 High Accuracy Accuracy is up to 2%.
High Resolution
3 High Resolution Resolution is up to 0.1μm.
Simple Calibration
4 Simple Calibration Only two calibration points, 0 and 50μm, which can ensure the accuracy within the whole measuring range.
Less Substrate Sensitive
5 Less Substrate Sensitive Less variation when the substrate material is changed from aluminum to different substrates such as aluminum alloys, copper and brass. The error is smaller than 2μm.
Better Reliability
6 Better Reliability With high integration and stability electronic components, the circuit configuration is enhanced with better reliability.
Better Stability
7 Better Stability With advanced temperature compensation technology, the measuring value drifts very slightly with temperature. The calibration cycle is longer.
Long Life of Probe Core
8 Long Life of Probe Core The probe was re-designed with high strength magnetic core material, and the service life of the probe is prominently extended.

Technical Parameters of ED400 Coating Thickness Gauge

Technical Parameters of ED400 Coating Thickness Gauge
Testing Range: 0-500μm
Testing Accuracy: 0-50μm:  ±1μm;
50-500μm:  ±2%
Resolution: 0-50μm:  0.1μm
50μm -500μm:  1μm
0-500μm:  1μm ( optional)
Operating Temperature: 5-45℃
Dimension: 150*80*30mm
Weight: 280g

Package of ED400 Coating Thickness Gauge

Package of ED400 Coating Thickness Gauge