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  • Solution of Portable Rockwell Hardness TesterSolution of Portable Rockwell Hardness TesterDecember 23, 2016The portable Rockwell hardness testers could test various general metal. Thin, small, long, or irregular parts.Standard parts, hardware, cutting tools. Test inner and outer surface hardness of steel pipes.view
  • Solution of Chain Hardness TesterSolution of Chain Hardness TesterDecember 13, 2016The chain type hardness testers could test Brinell and Rockwell hardness of large, and medium-sized steel pipe and bearings.view
  • Solution of C Clamp Rockwell Hardness TesterSolution of C Clamp Rockwell Hardness TesterDecember 13, 2016The testers could test pipes, profiles, bars, hardware,flat and cylinder parts. Specimen which could be clamped and test surface be vertical to indenter can all be tested.view
  • Solution of Hammer Impact Brinell Hardness TesterSolution of Hammer Impact Brinell Hardness TesterDecember 13, 2016The pin Brinell hardness testers could test the hardness of castings, forgings, steel, heat treatment parts.view
  • Solution of Superficial Rockwell Hardness TesterSolution of Superficial Rockwell Hardness TesterDecember 13, 2016The tester is a non destructive testing machine because of its small indentation. It is suitable for thin and small parts including tinplate, thin steel plate,copper belts, aluminum belts, hardware, small stamping parts.view
  • Solution of Surface ThermometerSolution of Surface ThermometerDecember 13, 2016The surface thermometer could measure the temperature of heated aluminum rods(solid), and the temperature of liquid aluminum during smelting procedure(liquid).view
  • Solution of Magnetic Hardness TesterSolution of Magnetic Hardness TesterDecember 13, 2016The digital magnetic hardness testers could test the hardness of steel plate, steel pipe, bearings, mould, large castings, large and medium sized heat treatment parts with suitable test surface, weld joint in boiler, pressure vessels, and pressure pipes.view
  • Solution of Hydraulic Brinell Hardness TesterSolution of Hydraulic Brinell Hardness TesterDecember 13, 2016The hydraulic Brinell hardness testers could finish on site test of steel products, nonferrous metal, castings, forgings, semi-finished heat treatment parts.Various large parts that can not be able to test for table testers.view
  • Solution of Thickness GaugeSolution of Thickness GaugeDecember 13, 2016The coating thickness gauge could test non-conductive coating on non-ferrous metal with test range of 0-500um.view
  • Solution of Barcol Hardness TesterSolution of Barcol Hardness TesterDecember 13, 2016The barcol hardness testers could test pure aluminum,soft aluminum alloy, super hard aluminum alloy, aluminum sheet, aluminum bar, aluminum castings, forgings, die-castings, assembled aluminum alloy product, soft plastics, lead, tin and other soft metals,view
  • Solution of Webster Hardness TesterSolution of Webster Hardness TesterDecember 13, 2016The webster hardness testers could test general aluminum and aluminum alloy profile, aluminum pipes, brass pipes and brass belts, copper pipes and copper belts, soft stainless steel and cold rolled steel.view