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The Caution of Using Rockwell Hardness Tester

1. A W-20 Rockwell hardness tester's anvil is the same as the stiffness of the head, so it is forbidden to "play", otherwise the head is easily damaged.

2. The instrument head, as an integral part, may not be refolded. If maintenance is needed, the manufacturer shall be sent to repair it.

3. Do not wiggle the instrument when it is pressed against the test piece, otherwise it will damage or break the head.

4. The material taken from the aging furnace shall not be measured immediately, and shall not be measured until the temperature has dropped below 100. Otherwise, the pressure head is reduced by the pressure of the material. This reduces the utility timing of the head.

The W-20 Rockwell hardness tester series of aluminum alloy W-20 Rockwell hardness tester

A series W-20 Rockwell hardness tester overview

W-20 Rockwell hardness tester (pincer hardness tester) is a kind of lightweight Rockwell hardness tester, W-20 Rockwell hardness tester series, which can be used to test the instrument of aluminum hardness in the field. W - 20 series of Rockwell hardness tester can test quickly, simply, only using one card, directly reading hardness values, accorded to China nonferrous standard YS/standard ASTMB647 T420 and the United States, is a standard YS/T420 recommends one of the two kinds of instruments.

Rockwell hardness tester W - 20 series is suitable for test of aluminums alloy profiles, tubes and plates, especially suitable for the production site, sales site or on the construction site product hardness testing with rapid, non-destructive inspection qualified.

The W-20 Rockwell hardness tester series has three models: W-20 Rockwell hardness tester (gm), W-20 Rockwell hardness TESTERa (thick material) and W-20 Rockwell hardness TESTERb (thin tube type).

Features of W-20 ROCKWELL HARDNESS TESTER series of aluminum alloy
  • Small size, light weight, easy to carry.
  • Can measure various forms.
  • The operation is simple; the operation skill has no effect on the reading.

  • Determine whether the work piece is heat-treated, check the heat treatment effect and determine whether the mechanical properties of the material are qualified.
  • Determine whether the artifact is made of improper alloy and determine whether the material is qualified.
  • The test will not be delivered to the lab's long, heavy work or assembly.
  • For production inspection, acceptance inspection and quality supervision inspection.

Parameters of W-20 ROCKWELL HARDNESS TESTER series
Range: 0-20 hw
Fine degrees: 0.5 HW
Weight: 0.5 k
Sample size: 0.4 mm - 6mm (W-20 Rockwell hardness tester type)
0.4mm - 13mm (W-20 Rockwell hardness testera tester)
Pipe diameter: Ø above 10 mm (20, 20 W - W - type a Rockwell hardness tester)
Pipe diameter: Ø over 6 mm (20 W - type b Rockwell hardness tester)

W-20 ROCKWELL HARDNESS TESTER series Rockwell hardness block
The standard hardness blocks used by the instrument are tested by the national technical supervision department and are accompanied by verification reports.

The degree of hardness can be converted into a common Rockwell (HV), loch (HRF, HRE) hardness value, or tensile strength (sigma b) value.

Standard configuration of W-20 ROCKWELL HARDNESS TESTER series
Host 1
Standard hardness block 1
Spare needle 1
Aligning wrench 1
Small screwdriver 1
Instrument box 1

Optional accessories of W-20 ROCKWELL HARDNESS TESTER series
Standard hardness block (6061 aluminum alloy attached calibration report)
The standby pressure needle
Header glass