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There are three types of Barcol hardness tester of TX brand, of which 934-1 type is the representative product, the largest application, generally referred to Barcol hardness tester mainly refers to 934-1 type. The barcol impressor hardness tester is mainly used for thick-wall aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum rods, aluminum plates, aluminum alloy castings, forgings, etc., which cannot be detected by Webster hardness tester. Small, lightweight, one-handed operation, one-press, no need to move or support the specimen, can be used in any situation.

What Is the Use of Barcol Hardness Tester?

  • First

    Among all hardness tester types, the barcol hardness tester is used to test pure aluminum, soft aluminum alloy, thicker aluminum alloy, aluminum strip, aluminum profiles, aluminum rods, aluminum castings, aluminum forgings and assembled aluminum alloy products (aluminum doors and Windows, curtain walls, etc.). The relevant standard is ASTM B648-00

  • Second

    The barcol impressor hardness tester by hardness tester manufacturers is used to test the hardness of non-metallic materials such as FRP and hard plastics. At present, most FRP products domestic and abroad require testing of Barcol hardness. The relevant standard is ASTM D2583-07.

  • Third

    The barcol hardness tester is used to test soft plastic materials and soft metals such as lead and tin with 935 Barcol hardness tester, and to test leather, rubber, wood and so on with 936 Barcol hardness tester.

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