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Portable Hardness Tester Used in Metallurgy Industry

Metallurgy industry is a kind of smelting, processing metal and its alloy products based on the industry, it specifically includes the steel industry, including steel plants, forging plants, welding plants. Non-ferrous metals industry includes copper plants, aluminum plants and so on. The foundry industry includes iron foundry, steel foundry, aluminum alloy foundry and so on. Hardware processing industry including hardware processing plant, electronic hardware processing plant and so on. 

The development of hardness testing has made it easier for metal foundries to assess the performance of their products based on a simple test. It is non-destructive, which means it can be carried out on the finished product without causing damage. This is a quick process that provides the foundry with quick feedback about the product as it leaves the production line. The correlation between hardness values and tensile strength is a useful guide for initial evaluation of product grades. Foundries complete a full set of certification tests before releasing products to customers. Hardness testing also helps foundries check their heat treatment processes. The results show whether the microstructure of the material has changed as expected. Hardness testing is a key component of quality control and process adjustment in metal foundries.

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