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Application of Handle Rockwell Hardness Tester

Aug 24 , 2021

Handheld Rockwell hardness tester is one of the most widely used handheld hardness tester which can test a variety of standard parts, hardware parts and other test surface is relatively small parts. Of course, when using different anvil, can test all kinds of special-shaped parts and table hardness tester can't test the small parts. At the same time, it can also be used in the production site to quickly and accurately test the hardness of large, assembled, uncut and inconvenient moving steel parts.

Shenyang TX Testing company's handheld Rockwell hardness tester includes a small type with support stand, which is flexible for use on a desk or outside. It is as simple to operate as a micrometer and is especially suitable for measuring small parts. Another series of handheld Rockwell hardness tester is the clamping type, parts as long as can be clamped, and the indenter is perpendicular to the test surface, it is OK. compared with a small handheld Rockwell hardness tester, clamping type has better stability, better repeatability, accuracy is higher. if workpiece size and test location allows, the clamping type handheld Rockwell hardness tester should be preferred.

There is also a very popular series of magnetic Rockwell handheld hardness tester, using magnetic disk to adsorb on the surface of steel parts, as long as there is a suitable test surface, any shape, any size parts can be tested. Customers in many industries use it to test the hardness of steel plates, steel tubes, shafts, moulds, large and medium-sized heat treatment parts, as well as the weld hardness of boilers, pressure vessels and pressure pipelines.