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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Characteristics of PHB-3000E Automatic Portable Brinell Hardness Tester

May 20 , 2023

The test force can be maintained. The test principle is in full compliance with ASTM E10.

The test force is accurate. The test force accuracy conforms to ASTM E10.

Hardness measurement is accurate. The main technical parameters can be directly tested and indirectly tested by Brinell hardness tester, indicating value error  and repeatability in accordance with ASTM E10.

One button automatic force loading. Motor driven hydraulic pump to load testing force automatically, instead of manual forceloading, simple operation, easy to  use, reduce the labor intensity, eliminate the influence of human factors on the measurement results.

Failure rate. The manual pump is cancelled, the control valve design is improved, the air leakage, oil leakage is greatly reduced, there is no the case that  contamination of hydraulic oil due to wear of rack of pump gear, eliminate the main source of failure, oil change cycle is prolonged, the failure rate is  greatly reduced.

Long battery life. The battery can be used about 400 times on a single charge, which can meet the needs of frequent measurements throughout the day.

Lightweight design. After adding the motor, electric hydraulic pump, lithium battery pack, control system, the weight of the PHB-3000E Automatic portable Brinell hardness tester is the same as PHB-3000