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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Iron Sheet Portable Brinell Hardness Tester

Sep 23 , 2021

Iron sheet portable Brinell hardness tester could be applied in workshop, simple operation, easy carrying, and testing body hardness of large parts piece by piece.

Operation Method

Put the specimen in the opening of the hardness tester; turn the crank in order to make the test head move down and clamp the specimen between the test head and the anvil. Keep turning the crank to make the indenter back, and then close the pressure release lever and move the pressure lever; load the test force on the specimen and watch the gauge. The dial begins to move to 3000kg scale. Continue to move the pressure lever. When the dial reaches 3000kg, the control valve will work and the pressure will fall down. Repeat this procedure 2-4 times and make the dial point reach 3000kg for 2-4 times ( totally reaches 3000kg for 3-5 times ). Then the progress of loading force is finished. Open the pressure release lever, raise the test head and move the tester away from the specimen. The indenter will leave an indentation on the surface of the specimen. Use the reading microscope to measure the diameter of the indentation. Check the tables in the appendix for Brinell hardness test results, If there is provisionally no need of testing, do as the following processes to protect the tester:

a. Install the anvil cap.

b. Lower the test head and make the indenter reach the anvil cap.

c. Remove the pressure lever.