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Why Test Metal Hardness

May 16 , 2023

Hardness is an important index of mechanical properties of metal materials. The hardness of metal materials is often closely related to their  properties such as tensile strength, wear resistance and material strength. Because the hardness value of the metal workpiece can reflect some  characteristics of the metal, for example, the higher the hardness value of the metal workpiece, the stronger the wear resistance, and the higher  the strength. The equipment for measuring metal hardness values is relatively easy to obtain, and the hardness data of the workpiece is also easy  to obtain. In the actual industrial production, there are often specific provisions on the hardness value of the metal workpiece, and the  hardness value is used to measure whether the workpiece is qualified.

Generally speaking, usually use Brinell hardness tester to test the low hardness of carbon steel, non-ferrous materials;when material hardness is  higher, such as quenched steel, tool steel we use Rockwell hardness tester; for aluminum profile we choose small and convenient Webster and  Barcol hardness tester.

Shenyang Tianxing Company produces series of portable hardness tester products, including: various types of Clamp type Rockwell hardness tester,  magnetic Brinell &Rockwell hardness tester, shear pin type and hydraulic Brinell hardness tester, classic Webster and Barcol hardness tester,  etc. Whole series of products can be conveniently measured on-site, each product is in line with national and industry standards, the precision  of the instruments have reached China and even the international advanced level.