Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.
Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Daily Maintenance of Webster Hardness Tester

Jun 15 , 2021

The testers of this series are precision instruments, of which the service life mainly depends on the correct method of use and timely and proper maintenance. The following items should be taken into account:

1. Prevent contamination. This instrument should often be cleaned with the soft cloth to remove the dust and dirt on the surface of it, especially on the anvil and supporting surface of the cylinder. Specially prevent the dirty things to get in from the dial seams or indenters, otherwise, the filthy things from those parts might influence on the testing precision or cause malfunction.

2. Prevent rust. Although all the parts of instrument have been treated to prevent rust, the improper maintenance or long time of use on the production spot without paying attention to maintenance may also cause the rust to some components. When using it, pay special attention to its waterproof performance except clean it frequently, because many parts will bear rust with water, the water in the dial may cause deadly rust to make the instrument useless.

3. Prevent falling off. This instrument is made up of many precision components, falling off of it will result in the permanent damage to some parts.

4. Disassembly forbidden. The testing accuracy of this instrument is guaranteed by the good collaboration of some of the precision parts. This collaboration is not easy for the nonprofessional people to master. Consequently, disassembly of the parts is not allowed except for those allowed in calibration, otherwise this will bring you trouble and the warranty of this instrument will terminate.