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Hardness Converter APP Download

May 20 , 2023

"Hardness Converter" cellphone application released officially-Revolution of hardness conversion table-Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Are you still using paper hardness conversion table? Are you still converting hardness value by using mechinary handbook? Are you still downloading hardness conversion tables with unkown origin and undetermined application materials?

Hardness Conerter APP Download

Hardness conversion has been redefined from now on. After researching and improving for 7 months, the Android cellphone application software 1.0 official version was released in 1st Nov, 2014. From then on, people could download fast and efficient "Hardness Converter" in some mainstream markets such as Baidu(Android Market, 91 cellphone assistant), txappcenter, 360 cellphone assistant, peasecod, and Play store etc.

"Hardness Converter" is a brand new cellphone application software developed by Shenyang TX Testing Instruments company, completely changing the tradition which engineering technicians and testing personne use hardness conversion table to convert hardness values. After that, converting hardness value won't waste a lot of time. It is available for people to get more than 30 professional conversion tables.

As the first global professional hardness conversion software, "Hardness Converter" includes 28 hardness units, 34 hardness conversion tables, and more than 20 application materials. It provides a converting function of Brinell hardness(HB), Vicker hardness(HV), Rockwell hardness(HRC etc), Knoops hardness(HK), Shore hardness(HS), Leeb hardness(HL), Webster hardness(HBa), strength of extension(Rm), and a contrasting and refering function of indentation and hardness value of Brinell, Vicker, Knoops, pin Brinell, and hammer impact Brinell.

The conversion data of "Hardness Converter" is from the latest efficient version Chinese national standard, international standard, American standard: GB/T 1172-1999、ISO 18265:2013、ASTM E140-2012be1, including hardness conversion tables suitable for various kinds of materials: austenitic steel, hardened and tempered steel, chisel tool steel, stainless steel, cast iron, carbide alloy, nickel alloy, brass, bronze, red copper, aluminum and aluminum alloy etc.

Hardness general utility tools included in the application

1. Hardness conversion table in general use

2. ASTM E140 hardness conversion table

3. ISO 18265 hardness conversion table

4. GB/T 1172 hardness conversion table

5. Leeb hardness conversion table

6. Webster hardness conversion table

7. Barcol hardness conversion table

8. Brinell hardness calculator

9. Vicker hardness calculator

10. Knoops hardness calculator

11. Pin Brinell hardness calculator

12. Hammer impact Brinell hardness calculator

1.1 Version Update Content

1. Add 10 groups hardness conversion table data;

2. Add a reminding function of input range;

3. Cancel forced updating function;

4. Fix several flaws.

1.0 Version Update Content

1. Provide self-adapting bilingual menu with Chinese and English;

2. Add Knoops hardness calculator;

3. Add Poldi hammer impact Brinell hardness indentation contrasting and inquirying function;

4. Solve problems of some models' flash back;

5. Repair several Bugs.

"Hardness Converter" 1.2 version will be released recently, providing users brand new user interface and more luxuriant utility functions including 12 hardness utility tools, 5 hardness calculators, and more than 60 groups hardness conversion table data, which come from Chinese national standard, international standard and American standard. The iOS version suitable for iPhone cellphone would be released at the same time, coming soon.