Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.
Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Tianxing Magnetic Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester

May 20 , 2023

Tianxing's patented product, magnetic digital rockwell hardness tester which uses high-precision force sensor and a unique displacement measurement technology, its test accuracy is in line with GB, ISO, ASTM-related standards, which is much more accurate than other portable hardness testers.

Magnetic digital rockwell hardness tester simplifies the operation process. As long as you force application of the total test directly to maintain the test force and after that just remove all the test force simply, and then you can finish the test. A test needs only 10 seconds, which make detection efficiency greatly improved. This instrument makes use of magnetic sucker to attach intelligent hardness tester to the surface of steel parts without moving them and it’s easy to finish the test only using an appropriate test surface, no matter what shape and size they are. Users can also use the standard hardness block at any time to regulate the measurement errors and it can also be used in indoor and outdoor between 0-50 Celsius degrees.

This hardness tester can be used for testing excessively large or heavy steel parts which the desk tester cannot test. It can not only test steel plates, steel pipes, shafts, molds, large and medium heat treatment parts with an appropriate surface, but also can test boilers, pressure vessels, weld hardness on pressure pipes. It is applicable to a large number of parts in the factory by detecting one by one. In comprehensive fields of manufacturing industry, it can directly replace Richter hardness tester whose accuracy and reliability are not very high.