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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Brinell Hardness Tester for Petroleum Machinery Equipment (2)

Oct 12 , 2021

There are three kinds of test force which are 3000kgf, 750kgf and 500kgf, and two kinds indenters which are 10mm and 5mm carbide alloy ball indenter. As long as clamping specimen, the test can be finished. The Brinell hardness test methods comply with relevant standards of the US and China.

Based on PHB-3000, the PHB-3000a Brinell hardness tester changes the support to a chain, and it is specifically designed to test Brinell hardness for large cylinder specimen.

PHB-750 is a magnetic Brinell hardness tester with test force of 750kgf, which is suitable for testing Brinell hardness of large, and huge specimen.

The above three kinds hardness testers manufactured by Shenyang TX are all up to American and Chinese standards. The models of this kind of hydraulic Brinell hardness testers are more than foreign ones, and are more suitable for on site application in domestic market. TX company sets up two domestic service centers to inspect instruments for users several times every year, ensuring the prompt, efficient and professional after sale service of the products.