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The Application of Webster Hardness Tester

Nov 09 , 2021

Webster hardness tester is widely used in metal processing industry, and industry practitioners are very familiar with this hardness testing product. There are many series of this type of Webster hardness tester, each series of products can test different metals. These include the W-20 series, which tests the hardness of aluminum, the W-B75 series, which tests copper and brass, and the W-B92 series, which tests stainless steel.

Of course, the most widely used type is still the type to test aluminum. The application of physical pointer Webster hardness tester in aluminum industry is approaching saturation. In recent years, with the increasingly high requirements for simple and efficient testing, there has been a digital display of Webster hardness tester, a simple digital display screen can directly read Webster hardness HW value. Although the hardness tester is simple to use, the measured HW value can be converted into Rockwell hardness and Vickers hardness, there is a certain error compared with the direct measurement of Rockwell hardness and Vickers hardness. However, Webster hardness has been widely accepted as a standard test result in the hardness testing of aluminum industry. So Webster hardness tester will continue to be used in the aluminum industry for a long time. In addition, Webster hardness tester with low price, low maintenance cost, is also a major factor in the majority of users to choose it.