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Characters of PHB-3000 Hydraulic Brinell Hardness Tester

Jun 02 , 2022

Characters of PHB-3000 Hydraulic Brinell Hardness Tester

PHB-3000 hydraulic Brinell hardness tester produced by Shenyang TX is a portable Brinell hardness tester with a weight of only 13.8kg, which can be conveniently used for Brinell hardness testing of steel, non-ferrous metals, castings, forgings and semi-finished heat-treated parts at the production site. It can be used for various large parts that cannot be tested by desktop hardness testers, and can replace the Leeb hardness with low accuracy and reliability.

1. Field test without sampling

The instrument can be used on site in the workshop. It is simple to operate and easy to carry. It can test large, assembled, inconvenient to move and uncut workpieces of various materials, sizes and shapes. It can be tested in any direction, including the upper, lower and side. Even if it is inverted, accurate results can be obtained.

2. Permanent indentation for re-inspection

The instrument adopts 3000kg force and 10mm ball. The permanent indentation left after the test can be repeated at any time, and the existence of the indentation indicates that the workpiece has been tested for hardness.

3. True and accurate with reliable results

The instrument is tested according to the real Brinell hardness test principle. The principle is the same as that of desktop computer. Other portable instruments (such as Leeb hardness tester) do not get the conversion value with large distortion. The calibration accuracy of the test force is 0.5% of the load, and the hardness test accuracy is the same as that of the desktop computer.

4. Optional test conditions and wide test range

The instrument can use a variety of test forces, select a variety of ball indenters, and test a wide range of common metals, with a test range of 16 ~ 650HBW.