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Preparation for PHB-3000 Hydraulic Brinell Hardness Tester Before Operation

May 31 , 2022

1. Preparation of workpiece

Firstly, the position of the workpiece to be measured shall be selected. The measurement position shall be selected so that after the instrument clamps the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece to be measured is perpendicular to the axis of the indenter body; Secondly, remove the rust and dirt near the measuring points. If there is oxide skin, hardening layer and decarburization layer on the surface of the workpiece, properly polish the measuring table until the workpiece body is exposed.

2. Calibration instrument

In order to ensure the accuracy of the instrument, please use the attached standard hardness block to test the readiness of the instrument before each use. It should be noted that when testing hard materials, the force should be applied 3 times, and when testing soft materials, the force should be applied 4 times. The force application times when calibrating the instrument should be consistent with the force application times when measuring the workpiece, so as to obtain a more accurate Brinell hardness value.

3. Installation of anvil

There are three anvils in the standard configuration of the instrument, and the appropriate anvils shall be selected according to different test workpieces.

The flat anvil is suitable for testing workpieces with two parallel planes and also for testing hardness blocks.

V-shaped anvils are used to test cylindrical or convex workpieces.

Spherical anvils are used to test pipes.

The normal selection of anvil can reduce the wrong loading of test force and ensure the reliability and accuracy of test.

4. Check the indenter

Before the test, the indenter shall be checked to ensure that the indenter sleeve is tightened, otherwise the indenter may be damaged or lost.

5. Operation preparation

Before operation, install the force adding rod on the probe, open the pressure relief valve, lift the probe to a sufficient height and remove the anvil base sleeve.