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Common Used Rockwell Hardness Tester Introduction (1)

Oct 19 , 2021

Rockwell hardness tester is used in various steel and iron (including steel alloy, stainless steel) hardness testing. This is one of the most important and most common used hardness tester. Including following types:

1. Rockwell hardness tester

This refers to analog type and manually operated. This is the earliest type which is used in hardness testing for steel. It can test carbide alloy, chilled steel and non quenched steel. Cast iron with lower hardness and plates with thickness less than 2mm are not suitable for this kind hardness tester.

It has 3 kinds of test force, and 3 types of scales: HRA, HRB, HRC. HRC is often used in quenched steel and die steel.

2. Electric Rockwell hardness tester

Performance is the same with type 1. But there is no need to make manually operation, and then the test can be finished.