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Common Used Rockwell Hardness Tester Introduction (2)

Oct 20 , 2021

3. Rockwell hardness tester. Performance is the same with type 2. It is digital reading, more convenient for reading.

4. Digital superficial Rockwell hardness tester. When the metal hardness layer is very thin, using normal Rockwell hardness tester may penetrate the hardness layer and real hardness can not be get. Now a superficial Rockwell hardness tester is applied. Because the surface layer is thin, it is difficult to control manually. It is generally electric and digital display, so it is a digital display surface Rockwell hardness tester. It is mainly used for carburized or nitrided steel and electrodeposited coating, as well as the hardness of metals such as steel, alloy steel and cemented carbide.

5. Digital display Rockwell hardness tester and superficial Rockwell hardness tester. It can measure general Rockwell hardness and superficial Rockwell hardness. According to the matching of indenter and the selection of scale, the measurable parameters are HRA, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and K. CPU data processing. In addition to the printer, the machine also has RS-232 computer interface.