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Commonly Used Classification of Hardness Test Methods

May 20 , 2022

Commonly used metal hardness test methods can be generally divided into the following categories:

1. According to the application speed of the test force, it can be divided into:

(1) static test method, this test method is slow and no impact when the test force is applied. The hardness measurement results are mainly determined by the indentation depth on the surface of the tested part. Under certain test force and test conditions, the larger the indentation, the smaller the hardness. Such as the commonly used Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers hardness test method are static test method.

(2) dynamic test method, the characteristics of the applied test force is dynamic with impact, including Shaw's, Richter's, hammer and spring force test methods.

2. According to the size of the test force classification can be divided into macro hardness test method (test force is less than 5kg), small load hardness test method (test force between 0.2~0.5kg), microhardness test method (test force between 0.0001~0.2kg), super microhardness test method (test force is less than 0.001kg), nanoscale hardness test method (test force is small In 50 nN).

3. According to the temperature classification of the test can be divided into, can be carried out at room temperature normal temperature hardness test method, at a specific temperature below zero low temperature hardness test method and in the room above a specific temperature of high temperature hardness test method.

4. Classification according to test principle: It can be divided into Brinell’s, Rockwell’s, Shaw's, Vickers, Richter's, Knop's, Barcol's and scratch, file and other physical testing methods, such as ultrasonic, magnetic coercivity and so on. The field portable hardness tester produced by Shenyang TX Testing Instrument Inc is divided into product categories according to the test principle, including W-20 type Webster hardness tester, 934-1 type Barcol hardness tester, PHB-3000 type hydraulic Brinell hardness tester, PHBR series of various kinds of Brinell and Rockwell hardness tester and other products.