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What Factory Tests Are Required for Industrial Aluminum Profiles (2)

Nov 12 , 2021

4. Hardness inspection

The hardness of aluminum profile is also an important technical index. If it does not meet the standard, it is easy to have quality problems. Generally, the hardness of aluminum profile will be tested by Webster hardness tester or Barcol hardness tester.

5. Measure the coating thickness

Aluminum alloy aluminum alloy profiles not only play a role in decoration but also more importantly prevent the corrosive effects of harmful elements on the aluminum alloy. Therefore, the thickness of the aluminum alloy should not be too thin, but not too thick. On the one hand, the cost of aluminum alloy is increased. The other side of the film is too thick, which may cause the adhesion of the film and aluminum alloy to reduce, so that the film can be hollowed, cracked or even dropped. Eddy current thickness gauge is generally used to determine whether the film thickness is qualified.