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Feature of Handheld Brinell Tester

Sep 06 , 2021

Handheld Brinell hardness tester is a kind of portable hardness tester, which is a small branch of the hardness tester family. Even in the field of portable hardness tester, the handheld Brinell hardness tester industry is a very small percentage. But along with the handheld Rockwell hardness tester, handheld Brinell hardness tester has been recognized and used by more and more customers.

Compared with large desktop Brinell hardness tester, the advantages of handheld Brinell hardness tester are small in size and light in weight, which can flexibly test multiple test parts of large and small workpieces. It is convenient to carry it to any production workshop for on-site measurement. Generally, only one operator can complete the measurement. Fast measurement, high efficiency, and save labor costs. And the most attractive point of the handheld Brinell hardness tester is that it fully has a variety of Brinell measuring scales as the large desktop hardness tester has, the most important is that its measurement accuracy is as good as that of the large desktop machine. Therefore, the application of handheld Brinell hardness tester is more and more widely.

The portable Brinell hardness tester manufactured by Shenyang TX testing Instruments company conforms to all the characteristics of handheld Brinell hardness tester. The types of handheld Brinell hardness tester produced from the original single analog type, single testing conditions of handheld Brinell hardness tester, developed to the present three series of nearly 20 types of products. Including magnetic handheld Brinell hardness tester, automatic digital display handheld Brinell hardness tester, both Brinell and Rockwell handheld brinell hardness tester. So that customers have more choices on the use of hand-held Brinell hardness tester.