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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Portable Brinell Tester Development

Sep 07 , 2021

Portable Brinell hardness tester can also be called portable Brinell tester, which is a type of Brinell hardness tester. Brinell hardness is a standard for the hardness of metal materials, measured by Brinell hardness tester, first proposed by j.A. Brinell from Sweden, so it is called Brinell hardness. Hardness tester industry in China's development time is not long, but the achievements are not small. Domestic hardness tester research and development and production technology development has been no less than the international level. Each hardness tester manufacturer has its own characteristics, and the level of export products has been greatly improved.

Shenyang TX Testing is a manufacturer specializing in the production of portable hardness tester. We win most of domestic market of portable hardness tester, at the same time, we gradually establish brand awareness of abroad portable hardness tester market. In the past, the international market sales of several commonly used portable Brinell tester have been occupied by some foreign brands for a long time. However, our portable Brinell tester products have gradually gained customers' recognition of product quality by providing free products for customers to try out. Our attentive and timely after-sales service also eliminates customers' worries. Compared with the portable hardness tester products of foreign well-known brands, the competitive advantage of our portable Brinell tester is very good cost performance. This is also the main reason why many foreign customers gradually replace other foreign brands with our portable Brinell tester. In the development process of portable Brinell tester, it is not the ultimate goal of our company to gradually replace the competitiveness of other foreign brands in similar products. Our goal is to make our independent research and development and production of portable Brinell tester successful in the international market.