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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Leather and Rubber Hardness Tester 935

Sep 15 , 2021

Model 935 leather and rubber hardness tester which is equipped with softer load spring and standard indenter is used to test softer plastics, soft metals such as lead and tin and wood materials like floor etc. Its testing range is equivalent to 50-110HR.

Barcol hardness tester is a kind of indention hardness tester. It uses a special shape indenter impressed into the specimen by a standard string pressure and measures the indentation depth to obtain hardness value.

Barcol hardness value is:


HBa---Barcol hardness value

h------indentation depth (mm)

0.0076-----indentation depth for one unit of Barcol hardness

Technical parameters:

Indenter: 26°panhead cone, head face diameter 0.157mm

Testing Range: 0~100HBa, equivalent to 50~110HRR

Resolution: 0.5HBa

Indication error: hardness range 87~89HBa ±1HBa

Repeatability error: hardness range 87~89HBa ±1HBa

Net weight: 0.5kg