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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Types of TX Company Hand-held Hardness Tester

Nov 10 , 2021

Hand-held hardness tester is a classification of hardness testing instruments. The instrument is characterized by small size and portability, which is suitable for real-time testing of workpiece hardness at any testing site. It is more convenient to use than large desktop hardness tester. Hand-held hardness testers are also divided into many types. The most well-known is the Leeb hardness tester, but the measurement accuracy of the general Leeb hardness tester is not high, and sometimes it can not meet the needs of customers. Therefore, the hand-held hardness tester developed and produced by Shenyang TX company includes hand-held Rockwell hardness tester, hand-held Brinell hardness tester and hand-held double function integrated hardness tester.

The hand-held hardness tester produced by TX company has the same measurement accuracy as the corresponding desktop hardness tester and meets the requirements of ASTM and ISO. This not only meets the needs of customers for on-site testing, but also ensures the measurement accuracy. In addition to the above handheld Brinell hardness tester and hand-held Rockwell hardness tester, other types of hardness testing instruments of TX company are also handheld, such as Webster hardness tester, Barcol hardness tester, etc.

On the basis that various traditional hand-held hardness tester products have been recognized and used by customers at home and abroad, TX company has been committed to developing and producing new hand-held hardness tester products.