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Maintenance and Keeping of Webster Hardness Tester

Jun 29 , 2022

Maintenance and Keeping of Webster Hardness Tester

With the development of Chinese aluminum industry in the eighties and nineties of the last century, Webster hardness tester is a portable hardness tester that can be used for hardness testing of aluminum profiles. It has been nearly 30 years since our company produced this instrument in 1995. At present, there are 3 series and 8 different types of Webster hardness tester produced by our company. Among them, W-20 series is a universal type, which is used for ordinary aluminum profiles; W-B75 series is used for brass or red copper; W-B92 series is used for soft stainless steel and cold rolled steel.

The Webster hardness tester weighs only 0.5kg and can read the Webster hardness value with only one clip and one grip. It has been widely used in the quality inspection of aluminum profiles in most aluminum factories. Webster hardness tester is a precision instrument. The following points should be paid attention to during use and storage:

1. Anti fouling

The instrument shall be frequently wiped with a soft cloth during use to remove the dust and dirt attached to the instrument surface, especially the anvil and the supporting surface of the needle cylinder. In particular, it is necessary to prevent dirt from entering from the gap of the dial or around the pressure needle. A large amount of dirt from the above parts will affect the measurement accuracy or cause faults.

2. Anti rust

Although all parts of the instrument have been treated for rust prevention, some parts may be rusted if they are improperly maintained or used on the production site for a long time without paying attention to maintenance. Attention shall be paid during use. In addition to regular wiping, special attention shall be paid to waterproof. Many parts will rust when encountering water, and the water in the meter head will rust to death and scrap the instrument.

3. Fall prevention

This instrument is composed of many precision parts. If it falls, some parts will be permanently damaged.

4. Do not disassemble

The measurement accuracy of this instrument depends on the good cooperation of some precision components. This kind of cooperation is difficult for non professionals to master. Therefore, except for the parts that are allowed to be removed in the alignment, they shall not be removed, otherwise the instrument will be damaged and the instrument will lose its warranty qualification.

Good maintenance can not only make the instrument have good accuracy in the process of use, but also extend the service life of the instrument. The service life of TX Webster hardness tester can reach 20 years under normal use and reasonable maintenance.