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Pin Static Brinell Hardness Tester PHB-150

Oct 09 , 2021

The PHB-150 Pin Static Brinell Hardness Tester is designed following the Brinell hardness test method. The test force is controlled by a shear pin. After reading the diameter of the indention with the reading microscope, the Brinell hardness number can be obtained from the lookup table, and the work principle as below:


According to the similarity principle of Brinell hardness testing, with testing force of 1580kg, indenter diameter of 7.26mm, then F/D2 =30. The test condition of the HB tester is equivalent to the standard Brinell hardness test with 3000kgf and 10mm ball indenter.


Test force: 1580kg;

Tolerance of test force: <0.5%;

Accuracy: C clamp In accordance with ISO6506

Hammer impact <5%

Indenter: Φ7.26mm steel spherical surface indenter (range: 100-400HB)

Φ4.0mm carbide spherical surface indenter (Optional) (range: 400-650HB)

Opening size (H×D): 150mm×100mm

Net weight: C clamp: 4.2kg

Hammer impact: 0.8kg