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Precautions When Using Shear Pin Brinell Hardness Tester

May 26 , 2022

Precautions When Using Shear Pin Brinell Hardness Tester

Shear pin Brinell hardness tester is easy to use and has been widely used in casting, forging, steel, heat treatment and other fields. There are several precautions when using the shear pin Brinell hardness meter. Please pay attention to it, so as to maintain the instrument better and obtain the accurate hardness value.

1. The inspection surface shall be able to represent the properties of the material

When testing the workpiece, the selected test points should represent the hardness properties of the workpiece. For example, oxide scale, decarburization layer, dust or dirt on the sample surface will cause the inaccuracy of hardness testing. Therefore, the points to be tested should be polished before testing to make the tested points smooth, flat and clean.

2. During dynamic force application, pay attention to the sample deviation under the impact of test force

When the hammering force is applied, the sample may move under the action of the test force, and the movement of the sample will affect the test results. The operator shall regularly use other Brinell hardness testers for comparative test to ensure the accuracy of dynamic force testing Brinell hardness.

3. The fine screw shall be lifted for static force application

When testing with C-frame, immediately rotate the force application handle in reverse direction after each test, and lift the fine screw to expose the thread part by 10-20mm. Confirm it again before each test, otherwise the instrument will be damaged and the test cannot be carried out.

4. Indenter problem

First of all, the indenter is a consumable without warranty and should be replaced in time. For example, the cemented carbide indenter must be used for testing samples with hardness above 400HB, otherwise the indenter will be damaged.

5. Operator protection

In order to avoid personal injury, goggles shall be worn during the test, gloves and handle shall be worn during the hammer test to avoid hitting hands.