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Reasons of Why Applying Import Tariff Exclusion Code for Imported Portable Hardness Tester

Jan 25 , 2022

1. Many kinds of portable hardness tester original manufacturers are in the United States, including portable Rockwell hardness tester, portable Brinell hardness tester, Barcol hardness tester, Webster hardness tester. It is difficult to find this kind of time-saving effort in other ways to provide a one-stop supply of all kinds of portable hardness testers.

2. Additional tariffs are imposed on products under this tariff number, which increases our direct import cost by 10%

3. Because the hardness tester is mainly used to test the hardness value of the physical properties of metals, it directly affects the detection and judgment of the quality of metal materials and finished products. The additional tariffs will directly increase the cost of obtaining testing tools hardness testers by 10%, affecting the proportion of purchasing and using high-quality testing tools hardness tester, thus affecting the quality testing of related metal products industry.

4. Some imported hardness tester products with high precision and convenient operation and carrying can save the input of manpower and material resources in the testing process, improve the detection speed and efficiency, ensure the reliability of the test results, so as to greatly meet the requirements of the hardness testing industry for the practicality and accuracy of tools. Therefore, the demand of domestic users for imported portable hardness tester is real.