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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Types of Webster Hardness Tester

Nov 29 , 2021

When it comes to Webster instrument, the W-20 series Webster hardness tester is widely used in the aluminum industry. The W-20 series is indeed the most widely used Webster instrument. But within the Webster family of instruments, there are many other, different type products used to measure different metals. For example, the B75 series of Webster instruments are used to measure hardness or semi-hard brass and super hard alumin alloys. BB75 series Webster instrument for soft brass, red copper. B92 Webster instrument for measuring cold rolled steel and stainless steel.

Webster instrument are available in different sizes and openings size for measuring materials of different thicknesses. So Webster instrument with its convenient compact, various models, suitable for a variety of metal hardness of the rapid measurement advantages, quickly accepted by aluminum products, copper products manufacturing industry and widely used. After-sales problems with Webster instruments can be easily solved in a timely manner, so that customers do not have to worry about delaying the production process because of measuring instrument problems. With customers on the measurement speed and convenient reading requirements are higher and higher, in recent years, the market has emerged with digital display Webster instrument, although with digital display function, this Webster instrument's popularity is far from the original analog type Webster instrument. Analog Type Webster instrument already has the characteristics of very convenient measurement, it is not meaningful to upgrade it to digital display instrument, and because of the use of electronic components, the uncertainty of problems in the use process increases, so the market prospect of digital display Webster instrument is not clear.