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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Verification of Barcol Hardness Tester 934 After Replacing Dial Head

Nov 26 , 2021

1. Zero Point Verification

Check the position of the indicator hand. It should point on the "0" on the indicator dial. The tolerance range is one graduation.

2. Full Scale Verification

Put the impressor on a hard flat surface (e.g. glass sheet). Press on the enclosures to make the indenter back to full scale adjusting screw. Now the indicator should point at 100±1 (Note: do not impact or make the indenter slide when pressing, otherwise the indenter will be damaged). If the test reading exceeds the tolerance range (1 graduation), calibration of the full scale should be carried out.

3. Indication Verification

Put the standard hardness block on a hard flat surface and test it by the Barcol impressor. The dial indicator should point at the specified hardness values. If the test reading does not meet the requirements, calibration of the indication should be carried out.