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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Webster Hardness Tester W-20

Sep 10 , 2021

Webster hardness tester W-20 is also called Aluminium Hardness Tester, Aluminium Extrusion Hardness Tester, Pliers Type Hardness Tester, Portable Webster Hardness Tester, Aluminium Hardness Tester W-20, Portable Aluminium Extrusion Hardness Tester. Webster hardness tester is quite suitable for testing batch products one by one at the production site. It has high sensitivity and can meet the requirements of production control and qualification judgment. This is why Webster hardness tester has been widely used in aluminum processing industry.

Nowadays, W-20 series aluminium Webster hardness tester is the main type of Webster hardness tester. Other type Webster hardness tester can also be used for testing hardness of copper alloy. We are very thankful for your choosing for our TX brand W-20 Webster hardness tester. Our company has been producing this model for 28 years, the service life and stability can all be well guaranteed.