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Characteristics and Application of Magnetic Rockwell Hardness Tester

Nov 02 , 2021

Magnetic series hardness tester is a new member of portable hardness tester family. Its biggest feature is that the instrument is fixed on the workpiece to be tested through the magnetic sucker, so that the tester's hands are completely free, the test process does not need to hold the magnetic Rockwell hardness tester by hand. Another feature of magnetic Rockwell hardness tester test is that it can be measured at any position of the workpiece, can be horizontal or vertical or inverted or oblique direction, as long as the magnetic suction can be fixed to the workpiece, it can be measured at any position of the workpiece to be tested, which solves the other desktop hardness tester in the measurement of moving workpiece to achieve the purpose of measuring different positions.

Finally magnetic Rockwell hardness tester to measure the material of the workpiece is required. The workpiece to be tested must be magnetically conductive. The magnetic Rockwell hardness tester produced by our company has been widely used by customers domestic and abroad in the hardness testing of oil pipeline industry and received consistent praise. In addition, our magnetic Rockwell hardness tester can be directly used in hardness testing of pressure vessel outer wall, mold steel, rail transit industry and so on. Its measurement accuracy is in line with ASTM E18, ASTM E110, ISO6508 and other international standards.