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FRP Hardness Tester Introduction

Nov 01 , 2021

FRP hardness tester, also known as Barcol hardness tester, is mainly used to test aluminum and aluminum alloy. Webster hardness tester is mainly used to test aluminum alloy profiles, plates and pipes. Barcol hardness tester shall be used to test pure aluminum, softer aluminum alloy, ultra thick aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy bars and assembled aluminum alloy products (such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, fire ladders, etc.).

Instrument features

  • Small volume and light weight: convenient for outdoor and large workpiece measurement

  • Easy to operate: it can be operated with one hand without professional knowledge

  • Wide measurement range: the effective measurement range is equivalent to Brinell hardness HB25-150

  • High measurement accuracy: high hardness ± 1, low hardness ± 2.5

  • Convenient conversion of indicated value: other commonly used hardness values can be converted by looking up the table

  • Low price: the price is only about 1 / 3 of that of imported products