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Development and Application of Magnetic Brinell Hardness Tester

Nov 03 , 2021

Magnetic Brinell hardness tester and magnetic Rockwell hardness tester, they are all belong to the portable hardness tester products, and belong to our company's patent products. But different with magnetic Rockwell hardness tester is that magnetic Brinell hardness tester can choose traditional Brinell principle or Brinell depth-measuring method principle according to different needs of customers. To be sure: according to the principle of brinell of traditional measurement, the magnetic force of brinell hardness tester screen shows the value of the test force, rather than the Brinell hardness value, when getting Brinell indentation diameter, need to use microscope to read the indentation diameter value, and then check for Brinell hardness conversion table to finally get the Brinell hardness value. Alternatively, you can use the Brinell indentation system to read the Brinell hardness value directly. When applying the principle of Brinell depth-measuring method, the value of Brinell hardness can be directly displayed on the screen of magnetic Brinell hardness tester.

The application of Brinell depth-measuring principle is the biggest characteristic of magnetic Brinell hardness tester. The efficiency of obtaining Brinell hardness value is greatly improved. But in the research and development process also fully considered some customers' demand on the traditional Brinell measurement principle. so magnetic Brinell hardness tester can apply these two Brinell measurement principle, You can choose one of them freely. However, there is only one test condition for magnetic Brinell hardness tester, which is 187.5 kgf with 2.5mm ball indenter. This is the customer in the choice of the hardness tester need to pay attention to.