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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Characteristics of Portable Brinell PHB-3000

Oct 27 , 2021

1. On site Testing

Portable Brinell PHB-3000 is a portable testing instrument which can be used in workshop. Operation is easy, and convenient to take to any place. It can be used in on site testing for large specimen without taking a sample to check. It can realize piece by piece inspection of large specimen.

2. Permanent indentation

Using 3000kg test force and 10mm ball, the indentation can accurately reflect the real hardness of coarse grain materials such as cast iron, cast copper and forgings. The permanent indentation left after the test can be repeated at any time.

3. True and accurate

It is tested according to the principle of real Brinell hardness test, which is the same as that of desktop Brinell hardness tester. It is not the conversion value with large distortion obtained by other portable instruments (such as Leeb hardness tester).