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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Field Application of Portable Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester

Oct 26 , 2021

No matter in the international hardness tester market or the hardness tester industry in China, you can find many kinds of portable digital Rockwell hardness tester. However, the biggest characteristic of the portable digital Rockwell hardness tester produced by our company is that it can fix the hardness tester on the workpiece through the magnetic chuck of the instrument itself. No matter in any position of the workpiece to be tested, as long as there is enough area to fix the magnetic chuck, this hardness tester can be used.

This portable digital Rockwell hardness tester is used by customers in the oil and energy industry for field measurement of pipeline products. Fix the portable digital Rockwell hardness tester on pipeline above, locking magnetic switch, confirm the instrument firmly fixed in the pipe surface, and then you can apply test force by one hand. Because in the process of measuring the instrument is firmly fixed on the workpiece by magnetic chucks under test, So the instrument will not move or change position, resulting in inaccurate measurement or damage to the diamond indenter. And in the whole process of measurement, the test force value applied is displayed on the screen in real time, and the screen directly displays the measurement result of Rockwell value after the final measurement. The whole measurement process is fast and accurate. Of course, in addition to the application in pipeline measurement, there are many industries, such as mold industry, bearing industry, pressure vessel industry, power industry and so on, can apply this portable digital Rockwell hardness tester to measure related products.