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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Hydraulic Brinell Hardness Tester Application Area

Nov 04 , 2021

Hydraulic Brinell hardness tester is mainly used to test metal materials, castings and forgings, blanks and semi-finished products that are not convenient to be sent to the laboratory or are not allowed to be sampled at the production site. Including steel, copper, aluminum, cast steel, cast iron, cast aluminum, cast copper, forged steel, semi-finished workpiece after quenching and tempering heat treatment, etc.

Hydraulic Brinell hardness tester can test large, assembled, inconvenient to move and uncut workpieces. The test can be completed on the ground of the workshop, on one machine, in a material warehouse, in another factory or on an oil drilling platform.

The Brinell hardness indentation obtained from the test can be read by a reading microscope, or the hardness value can be directly read by a highly intelligent reading system.