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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Development of Aluminum Hardness Tester

Dec 23 , 2021

With the rapid development of aluminum profile industry, the demand for measuring the hardness of aluminum profile is increasing. So engineers developed a special tool for testing the hardness of aluminum, that is Webster hardness tester, in the aluminum industry known as aluminum hardness tester. The aluminum hardness tester is shaped like a pliers. When in use, the test workpiece is held at the opening of the instrument and the test is started like using a pliers. Then the mechanical pointer reads and displays the HW hardness value. HW hardness values can be converted into Rockwell hardness values by referring to the table.

But usually in the aluminum profile industry, the value of HW can also be used as a standard value to judge the hardness of aluminum. So aluminum hardness tester with its easy to use, the characteristics of rapid measurement results won the aluminum industry customers unanimously recognized, and become a necessary instrument for aluminum hardness testing. Due to the large demand for aluminum hardness tester in the market, in recent years, some producers who do not have production standards also began to produce aluminum hardness tester, and sell at a low price, which makes the quality of aluminum hardness tester uneven, market price system chaos. Remind users in the purchase of aluminum hardness tester must look for the brand manufacturer's products, in order to ensure the service life of the instrument, and enjoy high quality after-sales maintenance service.