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Handhold Rockwell Hardness Tester Hardness Test Combination

Sep 02 , 2021

Handhold Rockwell hardness tester are already widely used in industries, it followed the Rockwell hardness test principle, and comply with relevant regulation of ISO6508, and ASTM E18 standards. It is special suitable for on-site testing.

The Rockwell hardness test uses three forces, three indenters, and nine combinations corresponding to nine scales of Rockwell hardness. The use of these nine scales covers almost all commonly used metal materials. The most commonly used scales are HRC, HRB and HRF, where the HRC scale is used for testing quenched steel, tempered steel, quenched and tempered steel and some stainless steel. This is the most commonly used hardness test method in the metalworking industry. HRB scales are used for testing all kinds of annealed steel, normalized steel, mild steel, some stainless steel and hard copper alloys. HRF scales are used to test pure copper, softer copper alloys and duralumins. Although the HRA can be used for most ferrous metals, its practical application is generally limited to testing hard metals and hard steel strip materials.