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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Rockwell Tester Production

Sep 01 , 2021

When people talk about or search for Rockwell tester, we know they usually mean Rockwell hardness tester. Rockwell hardness tester is a broad category, including desktop Rockwell tester and portable Rockwell tester. There are a wide range of production and sales manufacturers in the world. Most of the time when people talk about the Rockwell tester, they mean the desktop Rockwell tester. Traditional desktop Rockwell tester due to the production cost is not high, the technical and personnel requirements are not high, so its production enterprises are widely distributed in China.

Shenyang TX Testing Instruments since the establishment of the factory in 1993, the product positioning in the portable hardness tester, so our company's production of Rockwell tester all belong to the portable Rockwell tester. In the production process of more than 30 years, portable Rockwell tester has been the main product of our company, in addition to the production of more than 40 models of portable Rockwell testers have been widely used in the world, we have also been committed to the development of our own portable Rockwell tester. Our company independent research and development and production magnetic series Rockwell tester got the patent from Europe and the United States. portable magnetic series of Rockwell tester can be attached on the workpiece and operated directly, which solve the problem that some portable Rockwell tester cannot measure large workpieces, increase the using range of portable Rockwell tester, make up for the traditional Rockwell test field. So since our magnetic series of Rockwell tester put on the market, it has won the universal welcome of users around the world. This year, our company developed an automatic portable magnetic Rockwell tester on the basis of the existing digital magnetic series Rockwell tester.