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Introduction of Webster Hardness Tester

Nov 05 , 2021

The testing method of Webster hardness tester originated in the United States and entered China with the introduction of aluminum profile production line in the 1980s. The principle of Webster hardness tester is that a hard steel indenter with a certain shape is pressed into the sample surface under the action of standard spring test force, the material hardness is determined by the pressing depth of the indenter, and the pressing depth of 0.01mm is defined as a Webster hardness unit. The Webster hardness is expressed in HW.

Webster hardness tester is a small portable instrument. It has small volume, light weight, can be operated by one hand, and can test the hardness of materials quickly, conveniently and non destructively. It does not need sampling and does not require high operating skills. It is very suitable for rapid hardness testing of materials on the production site.