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Research of Brinell Indentation Optical Scanning System

Nov 08 , 2021

In the field of metal processing, heat treatment and metal finished products, the Brinell hardness of workpiece is required to be tested more and more. The workload of inspectors is increasing. Brinell hardness testing in some industry, must require the use of traditional Brinell principle, that is to use Brinell hardness tester to get Brinell indentation on the workpiece, and then use a magnifying glass or microscope to read the diameter of the indentation, and then to check the conversion table for Brinell indentation diameter corresponding Brinell hardness value.

This process not only increases the workload of the inspection personnel, so that the efficiency of the inspection personnel is not high, but also in the process of manually reading the indentation diameter using the microscope inevitably produce visual error, resulting in the final check of Brinell hardness value is not accurate. Under this background that the Brinell indentation optical scanning system was developed by engineers. The engineer will write the Brinell hardness conversion table into conversion program software and then implanted in the camera, through the camera to capture the Brinell indentation, conversion software will directly display the Brinell hardness value on the screen. The whole process greatly improves the working efficiency of the inspectors and avoids the error of reading by human eyes. At present, Brinell indentation optical scanning system can be used with a variety of Brinell measurement conditions, as long as the Brinell indentation has been obtained on the surface of the workpiece, we can directly obtained Brinell hardness value by optical scanning system. Therefore, the Brinell indentation optical scanning system is more and more widely used in various industries.