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What Factory Tests Are Required for Industrial Aluminum Profiles (1)

Nov 11 , 2021

Industrial aluminum profiles are subject to quality monitoring before leaving the factory, and regular aluminum profile manufacturers have several rounds of inspection. Let's talk about the factory inspection of industrial aluminum profiles:

1. Look at the surface

The inspection of industrial aluminum profile starts from the profile surface. The first thing we see is the surface of aluminum profile, whether there are bubbles, peeling, scratches, stains and so on. In fact, these surface problems can be avoided and must be checked before leaving the factory.

2. Thickness measurement

Industrial aluminum profiles should also be tested in terms of thickness. The thickness of aluminum profiles determines their bearing capacity. Sometimes there is no difference with the naked eye without a professional caliper. Only by measuring with a caliper can we know the specific thickness. In general, for convenience, the thickness is reserved to two decimal places at most. Profiles that do not meet the thickness requirements cannot be delivered.

3. Measuring metal elements

Check whether the metal elements of aluminum profiles are correct, which will refer to professional testing instruments.