Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.
Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

Routine Maintenance of TX's Barcol Hardness Tester

Nov 16 , 2021

Protection of Indenter

Indenter of Barcol hardness tester is a precision part which is made of hard steel. The tip of the indenter is accurately machined to a very small size. Special care should be taken to prevent damage. When the indenter contacts the measured object, the instrument shall be pressed down carefully and stably to avoid sliding or scratching. Lateral sliding on hard objects, especially rough hard objects, will damage the indenter. The indenter of this instrument has no warranty. Please use it carefully. If the indenter is damaged, it shall be replaced in time. Each new instrument is equipped with two spare indenters, and the other indenters can be purchased from TX company. Do not try to grind the damaged indenter and reuse it.

With the frequent use of the instrument, the indenter will be slightly worn. At this time, the measured value will deviate, so the wear degree of the pressure needle should be checked regularly.

Place the instrument on the glass plate and press down the instrument. The indicator shall point to the position of 100 ± 1 of the full scale. If it is not 100 ± 1, it indicates that the indenter has been worn. Place a hardness block on the same surface and test the hardness block. If the reading of the indicator is not within the range of the marked value of the hardness block, it can also prove that the indenter is worn.