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How to do Routain Repairing of Barcol Impressor?

Nov 17 , 2021

If the indenter is worn, the instrument shall be corrected. If the measured readings of two hardness blocks cannot be within the range marked by the hardness block after correction, it indicates that the indenter has been greatly worn and the length of the indenter has been less than the allowable range. At this time, the indenter shall be replaced. Recalibrate the instrument after replacing the pressure needle.

Hardness Block

  • The Barcol hardness tester has two hardness blocks of "high value" and "low value". The hardness block is made of aluminum and aluminum alloy.

  • The hardness block can only be used on the front with numerical value, not on both sides. Hardness blocks used on both sides will give wrong readings.

  • When testing the hardness block, avoid testing within 3mm from the edge or the old indentation, and the readings obtained near the old indentation will be inaccurate.

  • Each instrument shall be provided with sufficient hardness blocks. Spare hardness blocks can be purchased from TX company.